Maternity/ Modeling Photo shoots

                                                                                                Individual and/or family members ( up to 6 people for maternity)



1 Hour Session/$150--includes photo shoot, 20 images

2 Hour Session-$275-includes photo shoot, 35 images

​Deposit $100, due at time of booking. 

Photographer will consult prior the session to discuss goals, clothing, props.

Please be on time and be ready to begin at set time. 


  Aquatic Soul has a variety of fabrics, mermaid tails, and dresses that flow well underwater or bring your own!


                                      ​Book today with Aquatic Soul Photography!!!!!

             The only underwater professional photography service for the Gulf Coast!

​                                             See you UNDERWATER!!!!

Swim Teams

(minimum of 15 signed up without additional charge. 10-14 add $5 person)

*Each manager of the swim team recieves 1--11 x 14 & 1--8 x 10 print of the team (no deposit)

Team shots will take place first, followed by individual (strokes can vary) Limit 20 minutes per person (or pair with siblings)

Option #1

$65--20 minute photo session (two siblings can be 30 minutes for $95)

Includes 10 professionally edited images (15 for two people)

Option #2

$85-- 30 minute photo session ($115 for two people)

Includes 15 images (20 for two people)

Images will downloaded onto Dropbox with watermark. Parents will choose the number of images from package within 7 days.. All images edited are at the discretion of the photographer.

If parent wants to buy all images from session, they can be purchased for an additional $100. (approximately 20-40 depending on package) 

NOTE: Any special edit requests are $50 per hour, $25 per 1/2 hour

No images will be edited or uploaded until session is paid in full

Payment can be made by:

1) Paypal invoice prior to session

2) check on the day of session

3) credit card swipe only prior to first session or after all sessions are completed, as photographer will remain in the water until all sessions are complete.  


Packages & Services

   Thank you for your interst in Aquatic Soul Photography. Below is a list of services offered by ASP. Feel free to call me at 334-315-5730 or email me at to discuss your custom photography session.

​ISR (Infant Swim Rescue)

Careful consideration is given for these young children. Every effort to be unnoticed as they focus on the instructor is taken.

Our success rate with these precious little ones is very favorable. (Deposit $40, due at booking)

Session--$80 (includes photo shoot and 10 professional images) Families can include siblings up to 10 minutes longer!

                                 $135--Includes photo shoot and 15 professional images

                                 $325--includes photo shoot, 6 people maximum, 1 hour shoot, 30 images.

                        If schedules with a minimum of 5 sessions with deposits, $65 per session with 10 images)


Aquatic soul photography llc

                                                                      Aquatic Soul Photography LLC

                                                       Owner, Photographer, Lila M Harris   334-315-5730

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                                                                    Commercial aerial, surface and underwater photo shoots

                                                              Includes all other services offered by Aquatic Soul Photography

              Offshore/dive/underwater photo shoots---$165 per hour----6 hour boat trips count as 8 hours minimum, 4 hour trips=6

                                                                Pool photo shoots/advertising----$145 hour (2 hour minimum)

                                                    All images are licensed to photographer, but use of photo is granted to client

                                                     Extensive, long term project will be offered and priced on an as need basis

                                                   Additional expenses such as helicoptor use, boat trip costs, etc. will be added to the above pricing